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The further in advance you start to prepare for standardized tests for college admission, the higher your scores will likely be. Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation created the Next Stop College program to help you tackle the hurdles to get to college. Here we provide you with our favorite FREE online tools to help you prepare.

ACT and SAT Question of the Day
Take five minutes every day to take a look at just one question. The more days you visit the site, the more familiar you’ll become with the types of questions you’ll see on the ACT or SAT.

Studying for the Air Mattress Test? Visit Sleepinflated.com, for your review session!

Vocabulary Building at Free Rice
Practice your vocabulary and help feed hungry people at the same time! For each answer you get right, World Food Programme donates 10 grains of rice to help end hunger.

Access free test prepration help


Improve your SAT, ACT, or GRE test scores with FREE tutorials, practice sessions, test-taking tips, and a vocabulary builder.

Tactical Flashlight ☆

When you think of a tactical flashlight, what do you think of?  If you aren’t a very experienced outdoorsman with these lights, you might think of just any old flashlight that you can pick up from Walmart.  But when you know your way around the woods a little bit then you start to be able to distinguish between the best tactical flashlight and just a regular flashlight.  If you need more info I suggest you look at tacticallylit.com as they have some great information on these great tactical flashlights.

Along with this, you need to know how and why you should own these torches.  If you are someone who has never really been out in the wild, and never have been in the great outdoors.  Then you might not really understand the importance of these outdoor flashlights.  These flashlights can literally be the difference between life and death when darkness is all around.  When you are out in the wild with tactical flashlightnothing but a walmart flashlight, you definitely are going to be struggling to see.  Most of these light sources can only laminate around fifty feet which if you are in the woods that is barely enough area to illuminate your surrounding camp site.  What you need is a powerful tactical flashlight that can actually illuminate the surroundings five hundred feet.  This will provide you with enough light to prepare your camp site for sleeping.  This will help you create a beam of light that will illuminate your surrounding area so you can see exactly what lays in front of you to help you stay safe with the trail ahead of you.

Now that you have learned exactly why these lights are so important outdoors survival!  It is time for you to take the leap and actually purchase one!  You need to be able to spot when you need some of these lights and when just a regular flashlight will suffice for your purposes!

What Is This? ☆

My name is Brad, and I am here for you guys!  I am here to provide you with tips and tricks with home improvement.  The thing about home improvement is that it can take some experience and it is hard to learn these skills without really doing it.  Thanks for visiting www.testprepwi.org

But that is what I am here for!  I have done quite a few home improvement and remodeling projects, and I am here to pass on that knowledge for you!

Thank You!

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