Do you have your survival flashlight ready?

As someone who is always looking for new gear to help myself survive, it’s interesting when I start to talk to other outdoorsman, on what they like to buy. I myself have owned a large amount of survival gear, and my favorite pieces are definitely survival flashlights. These pieces of equipment are helpful because they have different settings of lumen output, and with that they make it great for seeing long distances, and also for just illuminating the area around you. That is why it’s important to do your research, and to find the best tactical flashlight for your needs!

Super Survival Flashlight

When you are preparing for a trip outside into the great outdoors you need to focus on food, and water. But along with that, you also need to focus on your light source. I know a lot of people that don’t bring any flashlights and just rely on their fire and star light. I think this is definitely not a smart plan of action. If you don’t bring a tactical flashlight, then you can be left totally in the dark.  When you think of people dying in the wilderness, it generally is because of people being unprepared.  When you are entering the unknown, you need to be prepared, because if not you could lose your life.

So, when you are preparing to purchase a new flashlight or torch, then you need to look at the specific specifications of each tool.  If you are looking for a light that is just going to be for around the house use, then you won’t need a high lumen rating.  But, if you are looking for a light that is going to keep you alive outside then you will need something a little stronger.  If you are going hiking or caving then you will definitely need a lumen rating of at least 400.

I hope you take all my advice to heart, as this literally could save your life!

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